This past November marked the end of the Backdoor Bakery’s seventh year in business. Back in 2007, the bakery was literally out the back door – that is, until the back steps froze over by early December and the whole operation was moved to the sunny front porch never to return to the back.

Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting, greeting, and serving the community of Huntington. My wife and I, and now our son Henry, are always surprised to realize at town meeting day or a hunters’ breakfast just how many people in the community we know due to the bakery. It has been a pleasure serving each and every one.

And in seven years in business, I’ve sold over 8,100 croissants, 4,600 bagels, and 2,100 English muffins, not to mention the scores of scones, and turnovers, and coffee cake.

But, we are sad to inform you that the Backdoor Bakery has closed its doors. Hopefully this is not a permanent thing. I will continue to work with Sarah Jane to try and build a commercial kitchen and café at Jubilee Barn, and you will still find my products from time to time at Beaudry’s (I just can’t stop baking cold-turkey).

Thank you for your business! I hope we are back some day to serve this great community again.

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