Welcome to the Backdoor Bakery

Backdoor Bakery porch

The Backdoor Bakery is a home-based business located in the shadow of Camels Hump in the lower village of Huntington, VT. From the porch of our 1900s farmhouse, my wife Patti and I offer customers a variety of from-scratch baked goods including pastries, breads, and cakes.

horse back dining

Only the freshest ingredients – local and/or organic, when possible – are used to produce the variety of baked goods available each day at the Backdoor Bakery. My signature products are croissants – plain, chocolate, cheese, and almond. A selection of croissants are available each day, along with two or more of our other products – from triple ginger scones, to blueberry teacakes, to apple turnovers. Any variety of cakes and tarts can be baked fresh upon special order.

Come enjoy something sweet or savory in our little corner of Vermont. And don't forget your mug – we offer fresh-brewed coffee from around the world, but we don't provide cups.

Dean Menke,

Dean and his helpers delicious croissants

While the utmost care is always taken, the Backdoor Bakery cannot ensure the purity of its ingredients. Products with eggs and/or nuts are identified in the display case. There is, however, the possibility of contamination (i.e., nuts in a product that does not contain nuts). Please ask if there are other allergy concerns.